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Observing Hickson Groups

A mostly do-able list of  100 Compact Galaxy Groups.

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Take an Astronomy Class this Summer in the Beautiful Sierra!


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Observing Arp Galaxies

Observing the 100 brightest Arp peculiar galaxies... my notes, so far.


Obscure, Sometimes  Large, Planetaries of the Summer
A few large Abell (and other challenging)
planetaries of the summer.

Beyond the Messier List
A personal recommendation of which Deep-Sky observing list to use:  Orion's DeepMap 600 List sorted by Constellation

The Caldwell Catalogue a Good Idea Gone Bad...
Alister Ling

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My wife, Marie-No, with my 13-inch "travel scope." See:
Deep-Sky Notes from Hawaii

Deep-Sky Notes from Chile

Why Chile?
(practical aspects and vacation pics)



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Fun With Einstein's Cross:
Observations--or attempted ones--of this lensed Quasar, and others. Contributers include:

Jim Shields
Bob Czerwinski
Dick Flasck
--and others...



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My main scope: a 17.5" f/4.5 homebuilt
workhorse (13-yr. old Coulter mirror).

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Richard Navarrete's 'Best of' The Herschel 400 List

Observing Near Home
  by David Kingsley

Filter Performance Comparisons for Some Common Nebulae
by David Knisely



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